But the question remains the same – how many pairs of shoes or what variety of footwear to take along.

The answer is to plan around your comfort and travel plans first and then consider the beauty and glamour part. The weather also plays a crucial role in this decision. The kind of shoes you pack will depend upon the activities that you will be a part of at the destination. During summers and for beach vacations I love how comfortable flip flops are. But if you are planning a trip to Europe in winter, then it will be snow boots and heavy shoes all the way.

So try to understand the itinerary and the activities planned during the trip. That will help you decide on the footwear. Then you can mix and match some functional and sturdy footwear and may be a pair of glamourous shoes for the few special nights when you will go to an elegant place for dinner. You don’t want to wear your muddy, running shoes to a Michelin star restaurant. So choose a mixed varieties of footwear for travelling.

Now when the real part of travelling comes there are some more ideas that can help you to be fashionable yet comfortable. If it is the cold season, instead of packing your bulky shoes you can wear them during travelling. The shoes will keep you warm and comfortable and you will not have to carry extra baggage. But if it is summer and short distance, then a cool pair of flip-flops or sandals will be more convenient. But try to adhere to a colour palette, so that you can use the footwear with most of your clothes and still look fashionable. Neutral and dark colours match almost all designs of clothes. Choose fashionable and chic yet comfortable shoes for travelling to any corner of the world. The travelling will keep your mind happy and shoes will keep your feet happy. This is the only way to travel well.


Have you seen these reality TV shows? The amount of drama in it is enough to make you go sick but have you hooked on too. There is not a day I can go without watching these shows. Yes at the end of the day I curse myself for wasting valuable time on senseless drama and tell myself to not do it the next day. But somehow, I find myself rescheduling my day to watch the episode on TV or am on the internet, late in the night, trying to catch the online streaming of the show earlier that day.

Apart from all the fights and curses you see on reality TV shows; there are these love stories as well. Can you really find love on a reality TV show? Well, it is reality and has to be real right?

I find myself questioning the authenticity of these shows and especially the episodes where love is expressed in the most beautiful and dramatic manner ever. It would be like it was scripted and the characters were told how to act and react, thus removing the reality element all together.

But sometimes we need such drama in life. It makes us believe in magical love just like books had us dreaming of knight in shining armor, when you were in high school. Of all the drama, what I enjoy the most are the words used. The love quotes used are a collection of some of the best words a human can come up with.

These are great short love quotes that are bound to leave a lasting impression in your mind. At the end of the day, though you would come across a news article or a social media post telling those characters are in a serious relationship with someone else, all you remember are the quotes and scenes where the characters express their so called love to one another. Such is the power of these shows and the words used.