There are different types of paintball games that are played and different varieties of guns that are used in these games. A paintball gun is another important equipment that a player cannot do without. It is best to choose a gun that suits your style and shape of the paintball.

A seasoned paintball player may find it easy to choose a gun that suits his/her style. However, a novice may find it very daunting to choose one from the mind-boggling variety.

So, try to answer the following questions before you venture to buy paintball gear to be able to buy the best gun for yourself. This is a very important step because paintball is an expensive game.

  • Do you have a budget? Do your research on the budget range that needs to be set aside to buy your equipment. Since gun and mask are very important, keep a limit and check whether the guns you choose satisfy all the features of smooth game-play.
  • What’s your style of play? Do you want to play for a hobby with friends as a rec-baller or do you want to train for paintball tournaments or play in the woods (woodsball) or is speedball more your type? Choose your type and then look at the choice of guns suitable for each category.
  • What’s the gun you’re most comfortable with? It’s best to always choose a gun that fits you, that which you can easily carry and use. The length, width, trigger size and the ease of pulling the trigger need to be considered before you purchase a paintball gun. In my experience, this is one of the best paintball guns you can buy if you are a rec-baller looking at playing in the field in friendly matches occasionally.

Consider all the aspects mentioned above before you rush to buy the fanciest gun in the market. A gun that you’re most comfortable with is the best one for you.