Phone chats when done correctly can be extremely entertaining. But again, it also has the potential to go terribly wrong too. This becomes even more important when trying to woo a girl and get her to like you using phone chats.

In phone chats, girls do not have to do any eye contact and so can get bolder. The trick is to be tactful, you can use base chat nr as well.

Watch out for the punctuations:

Since you are not in front of the person, the tone in which you send a text cannot be understood easily. Without proper punctuations, your statements can go horribly wrong and be misunderstood.

Ask informative questions:

No one really enjoys a chat where the conversation does not go beyond a “Yes” or a “No”. Try and ask engaging questions so that the conversation can flow naturally. Of course despite that, if you get monosyllables as answers, you might have to get the hint.


It is a fact that girls like to talk, be a good listener. Girls enjoy talking about their day, their pet, or what went right or wrong with them and much more. Even on chats be attentive and supportive, ask further questions each time she gives you a hint. This almost always works.

Use Emoticons

Again, the tone of the texts can go either way since you are not speaking in person. Emoticons can be extremely helpful in carrying the tone as well as the emotions forward to the opposite person.

Overacting is a big ‘No-No’

When you speak to a person, you obviously are more expressive. But when on a phone chat, avoid writing very long texts, and keep your emotions in control. No one enjoys a meltdown, most certainly not on chat. Since the person is unable to see your gestures, try and keep your emotions from overflowing.