What is a toy that doesn’t entertain and endear? Though there are thousands of toys on the market only a few become immensely popular not only with the kids but also with parents for varying reasons. Kids might like the color, the movement, the sound and the feel while parents may like the cost and the educational value of the toy. Whatever the reason only certain toys make the top list.  Let us look at few such toppers.

Soft baby dolls for toddlers: What can be more comforting than the soft touch of a cuddly bear, dog, monkey or any other soft toy. Since the introduction of the first teddy bear in 1903, the fascination for these cuddly toys hasn’t left children or adults. Toddlers often find a confidant in their cuddly friend and share their joys and sorrows and hug them and sleep peacefully; the soft toys are eternal and will remain the true soul mate of any child.

Star wars lightsabers: The Blade builders path of Force is the new toy that has been released by Disney to vanquish the evil. What makes this lightsaber different is that it is not meant for use by the goodies alone; if you wish to bring your menacing evil self to the forefront than the saber transforms into a red sixth blade if not it remains the reliable goodie Jedi blade.

Teach and tag move from Fisher-Price: This delightful little robot can win hearts in a jiffy. the Movi involves the kids in the play as it prods them to move with it and asks questions; in essence, it a just like another little human being. This endearing toy will not only entertain and amuse the whole family but it educates your little one in the process. And the best price it is so affordable.

The Last Knight RC Tweaks: Can any favorite toys list be complete without the Transformers. This latest installment from the Transformers series is actually a bot that moves with appropriate sound effects.  This remote controlled bot has a blaster accessory and can break into a dance if you wish. Most five-year-olds will not stop saying “cool” once they play with it.