Here Are Two Reasons Why Your Life Test And Problems Must Be Enjoyed

Everyone must have a problem in his life. Problems come to anyone. Everyone has the right to solve their problems in the way they choose the prayer line. However, unfortunately, many people feel unable to solve their problems and finally, they feel hopeless. In fact, there is now a prayer request that can help you in praying and asking for help from God. Nothing is impossible for God.

There are several reasons why the problem you face must be enjoyed. One reason is that God never left you alone. Here are some reasons why the problem or test of life you have to enjoy.

– Life test make your life meaningful

Imagine if you live in a comfort zone and never feel a problem at all, live quietly, have enough, nothing is bothered, everything goes smoothly? Indeed, if you feel all that, then slowly your brain will die because you never work to try to find a way out of the problem. Life without an exam will also make people become negligent and forget themselves so that they will be far from God because they feel they can stand alone.

– Life tests make you at a higher level
Let us think, sometimes every test that comes testing us is nothing but aiming to make us mature in thinking and acting. Life tests teach us the true meaning of living this life. Don’t forget, God always witnesses each of our movements through life, including assessing how patient and patient we are in carrying out every test that He gives. Just like in school, we will always face the test as a condition for going up to the next level, if we pass the test, we can go up to the next class, but if we fail then we have to repeat it again until graduating.

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