How To Enjoy Word Cookies The Most

Word cookies is a great single player game which can be a good pastime if you are bored sitting idle at home. Well, word cookies can be quite challenging since the words given will be jumbled and you need to derive words from the main word.

But if you really want to enjoy these games then here are some tips and tricks which can be valuable for any player who is just getting started:

  • So while figuring out the last few words, you will be given an option of “Hint” button and you will be asked to hit the button to know the words that are hidden. Each of these hints will actually cost you some coins. So, instead of spending coins on hints, hit the “Shuffle” button. Also, you must ensure to log in regularly so that you can earn free coins.
  • Use the tiles given since you can get some hints from them as you start filling it with words. The general trend is that the words are listed in groups according to their first letter.
  • You can take as much time as you require solving a puzzle since there is no bonus or penalty for the time you take to figure out the word. So, if you are stuck up then leave the board for some time and come back later with a fresh perspective which might be helpful and also you will be saved from spending coins for any of those hints.
  • There are a lot of common words such as “his” or “tad”, which are not acceptable in many of the word cookies games. So better avoid such words which can later be very frustrating for you.
  • But be prepared for some complicated words as well. Some of these games use unfamiliar words to make the word cookies more challenging for the players.