The Way IoT Works And Its Principle

In this article, I will give an overview of IoT itself. For example, one day we must have forgotten something very important. Like when you forget to lock the door of your house, while you are outside your home. Fortunately, iot home automation system can help you in such a situation.

The logic for the benefits of what is IoT is to lock the door like this:

We send a message via smartphone-> received device IOT-> IoT device gives a command to the selector doorlock / servo-> key moving module-> locked door.

Now, with the help of this IoT, we can overcome this problem very, very easily. We only send a command from our smartphone so that the door of the house can be locked, so that the problem is resolved.

IoT itself is not only intended for smartphones. Old school cellphones can also be used to control IoT, which is via SMS. IoT also doesn’t just solve the problem I told you about earlier.

But with IoT, we can also overcome many other problems such as counting many visitors who visit our store, counting the many fish that have been caught by fishermen, making home alarms, making Smart Home, and many more.

IoT Principles

IoT works by translating programming languages that we have entered into the tools of the IoT. The tool can also be known as a Microcontroller. Already understand what is IoT?

There are many types of microcontrollers today.

Each microcontroller must have their own level of intelligence. Of course, the price also varies, in proportion to the level of brightness. If you want a level of intelligence that is quite capable, you can buy a high-quality microcontroller at a fairly expensive price.

However, at this price, it is very equivalent to the level of intelligence obtained. However, if you are still a beginner and still want to try, I recommend using a standard microcontroller only.

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