These Are Two Types Of Smoke Detectors That You Should Know

Today, smoke detectors are often used by many people. This is because smoke detectors can detect smoke around the house. this is important because home security must always be maintained commercial electrician. You can maintain home security if you use smoke detectors at home. If you cannot place smoke detectors at home, then you can use services from electrical services singapore. We can help you by installing various electronic devices at home.

Smoke detectors themselves have several types. The two most popular types are
1. Ionization Smoke Detector
Ionization Smoke Detector which works based on the collision of smoke particles with radioactive elements in the smoke chamber.

2. Photoelectric Type Smoke Detector (Optical)
It can work based on refracting the LED light inside the detector room because of the smoke coming in at a certain density.
Ionization smoke is suitable for detecting smoke from fast fire (fast flaming fires). But this type is more easily exposed to false alarms, because of its high sensitivity. Therefore this device is more suitable for living rooms and sleeping rooms.
Smoke Optical (Photoelectric) is better for detecting smoke from small flames, making it suitable for hallways and flat places.
This type is more resistant to false alarms so it can be placed near the kitchen.
These two types of smoke detector have different working principles. So, you have to choose a smoke detector that matches the risk of fire. You can protect your building or house in this way. You must install the smoke detector to the maximum.

A smoke detector is an important tool and you have to use it at home. You must protect your home from various dangers. So, you have to install smoke detectors in your house. You must choose the smoke detectors that are right and according to your needs. You also have to choose the right quality for the tool.

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