Use of LED lights

In addition to affecting aesthetics, the use of lights in residential areas can also support the comfort of residents. However, there are still many who choose the bulb as long as the lighting in the house is not optimal, it is not durable, and even has the potential to disrupt eye health.

Thanks to technological developments, there are now many variants of lights that use LED (Light-emitting Diode) technology that offers a range of advantages that other types of lights do not have. So, what are the advantages of the h11 led bulb conversion kit that you will feel when using it?

Besides not having mercury content, LED bulbs also do not produce infrared and UV (ultraviolet) radiation. The lamp with LED bulb is also not dazzling because it has a natural and clear light character with a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) resembling natural light. Thus, LED bulbs are not harmful to the skin and eyes.

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