You Must Know The 4 Criteria For Choosing An Embroidery machine

The first thing you should consider in choosing an embroidery machine is the quality of the machine itself. Can it be used in all needs and prices according to the quality offered? Also, you need to make sure about the warranty provided by the embroidery machine whether a claim can be easily made if damage occurs at any time.

Second is the size of the hoop on the selected embroidery machine. Hoop size is important for an embroidery machine. Hoops with a size of 14 × 20 cm on average are found on mid-level machines. This average number is used as the minimum size of the hoop on other machines. Whereas for large-sized machines and many needles usually use a jumbo-sized hoop that is 40 × 26 cm in size. Jumbo-sized hoops are usually difficult to use so people usually need small-sized hoops, to meet these needs some shops also sell hoops for embroidering.

The third is the number of stitches per minute (Stitches per minute / SPM) where a minimum of embroidery machines requires a minimum of 500 SPM. The number of stitches per minute offered by each machine is certainly different, ranging from 400 to 1000.

The fourth thing is you should also pay attention to the needles for available threads, whether they have to be entered manually or can do it themselves without the need to be helped. Don’t forget the thread cutter must also be in a good embroidery machine.

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